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If anyone has specs or other info needed to complete this list then e-mail me.

- Windows interface for general settings
- Complete interface for editing MSX I/O configurations
- Windows Interface for complete editing of the keyboard settings/keys etc.
- Windows interface for Display Settings

- Konami Gamemaster 2 + 8kb SRAM
- Panasonic MSX-Audio support (FS-CA1)
- National (Matsushita) Megarom Mapper support (MSX 2 FS-4600F)
- Philips MSX-Audio support
- Toshiba MSX-Audio support
- MSX Bunsetsu Henkan Jisyo ROM (FS-SR021 for MSX1 FS-4000/MSX2 FS-4500/4700F)
- MSX Word Processor II with SRAM (MSX2 FS-4500/4700F)
- Sony MSX-JE for HB-F1XDJ / HB-F1XV
- HALNOTE (8 Megabit ROM with Special Mapper)
- Majutsushi (D/A converter)
- Konami Synthesizer (D/A converter)

- Adding DISK support through port based I/O
- Adding SCSI support through memory mapped I/O or port based I/O (specs anyone ?)
- Adding IDE support through memory mapped I/O or port based I/O (specs anyone ?)

Disk Controller (TMS279x & TC8566AF)
- Adding support for Read Address command
- Adding support for Read Track command
- Adding support for Write Track command, to make disk formatting possible
- Adding support for correct CRC calculation

VDP Engine (V9938)
- Initializing all available registers with the correct values
- Adding screen 3 support
- Adding expansion VRAM support (extra 64 KByte)
- Check if the implemented LINE command works the same way as the V9938 draws a LINE
- Checking the influence of register#23(display line) for screen 1, 2 and 3
- Adding sprite collision coordinate support in Sprite Mode 2
- Adding sprite transparency enable/disable bit support for sprite mode 2 in screen 6
- Better support for timing between Z80 TStates VDP clock speed
- Better parallel executing VDP commands
- Better support for exact speeds of VDP commands
- Support for VDP colour bus operations (digitising, etc.)
- Adding interlacing support, with timing using register#13
- Adding vertical adjustment support (register#18)
- Better VDP command performance

VDP Engine (V9938 Specials)
- Adding support for the overscan trick as used in demos like Unknown Reality

VDP Engine (V9958)
- Switch for enabling/disabling V9958
- Adding horizontal scroll support for screen 4
- Adding command extension support, bit 6 of register #25
- Adding wait function support, bit 2 of register #25

- TMT_net support
- RS232 support
- Printer support

- Real MSX floppy disks support
- Tape file support

Disk Controller (IDE)

- "The Undocumented Z80 Documented" from Sean Young
- Support for multiple t-state tables (Z80 and R800)

- Single stepping
- Breakpoints on Z80, VDP and other devices
- Different view of the VRAM

Turbo R
- Midi support
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