NLMSX :: NLMSX v0.48 released
Posted by Frits Hilderink at 2003-06-12 23:41:00

What's new:

- solved a crash when sound is disabled,
- updated the GUI, eg. inserting cartridges is much easier now,
- fixed some problems with the MoonSound, thanks to Wouter Vermaelen and Arjan Bakker.

I'm on vacation until the 4th of july, so if any support is needed then please use the forum.


   NLMSX :: NLMSX v0.47 released
Posted by Sandy Pleyte at 2003-06-02 18:52:00

What's new:

- sprite colour table fix (xmas demo 2002 works perfect now),
- removed disk logging, fixed,
- some game controls refused to work with the mouse in port 1, fixed,
- fixed a bug with ASCII MegaROM mappers, games like Animal Land, Ikari, Hole in 1 Special, Eggerland 2, and several others are working now,
- support for several unique memory types: Cross Blaim, Harry Fox Yki No Maoh, R-Type, Super Lode Runner, Holy Qu'ran, and the pirate Korean multigame ROMs (thanks to Saeba, Martos and Sean Young),
- the default configuration set was updated a little bit: removed several subslotted slots,
- from now on, NLMSX is released with a ROM database, located in the 'DB' directory. Known ROMs will be auto detected to their specific mapper type,
- Sunrise MoonSound support. As this is the first version of NLMSX with MoonSound, it is not yet as good as on a real MSX. You can get the wavetable ROM from the plugin section of the NLMSX website, put it in the 'ROMS' directory for it to work.


   NLMSX :: ROM's Database
Posted by Sandy Pleyte at 2003-05-28 09:55:00

Most users don't know what romtype they must choose, that's why we made a ROM's Database. We are still busy with expanding this file, but you can all ready use it to detect 762 ROM's.

How does it work ?
- Create a 'db' directory in the NLMSX folder
- Download the db.txt file (right click, choose 'Save Target As') and save it in the 'db' directory you just created
- Choose a ROM to play and if it's in the database NLMSX will set the correct ROM type.

If you have any questions or problems, just ask them in the forum.


   NLMSX :: NLMSX v0.46 released
Posted by Frits Hilderink at 2003-03-12 15:36:00

What's new:

- Added Jarek Burczynski's YM2413 core. You can switch to the one you prefer in the Preferences window.
- The last ROM and Disk location are now remembered. However, drivea.dsk and driveb.dsk are not loaded by default anymore, you can change this by using the commandline switches /drivea and /driveb.
- Added '64 KByte Mirrored' memory type
- Sprites can now be enabled/disabled in screen 1 and 2
- Fixed a bug with the Z80 I register, which in turn fixed the MSX Audio
- Fixed a bug when handling a 'disk not ready', cracked versions of Psycho Soldier, Zoo, and possibly others are working correctly now
- Better memory mapper port handling when reading ports FC-FF
- Fixed problem with the MSX Mania Collection disks
- Better cleanup of DirectInput and DirectSound devices
- Better VRAM initialisation
- Much better refresh register handling (Z80 register R)


   Website :: Latest poll results
Posted by Sandy Pleyte at 2003-03-05 16:34:00

Here are the poll results of the latest poll:

1. Support for load/save state (60)
2. Better core emulation of MSX(2) (45)
3. Moonsound emulation (39)
4. Better GUI (33)
5. Better turbo-r emulation (16)
6. Support for cheats (6)

And ofcourse there is a new poll online, should NLMSX become legal. This means NLMSX will only be distributed with C-Bios.


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