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Command line parameters for cartridges have no effect.
Make sure there is a Slot or Sub-Slot combination that has the type Cartridge A or the type Cartridge B. If this is not the case then the command line parameters are ignored.
My Screen looks like this:

what is wrong ?

Set your display depth to 16 bit, also called hi-color or 65535 colors. NLMSX 0.35 and lower does not support 32 bit modes. Try downloading NLMSX 0.36 or Higher.
The sound produced by NLMSX seems to be distorted.
Check the framerate, it should be a constant 50(PAL) or 60(NTSC) frames/sec with an accuracy of 1 frames/sec. This may vary a bit more when the NLMSX window is just being activated.

If this value is constantly lower then most probably the PC is too slow. Try increasing the frame skipping, enable the scanlines.
Go to 'File > Preferences' to change this. You can also try to set the display depth to 16 bit instead of 32 bit this will also give a performance boost.

If this value is higher, then make sure that the display synchronisation is enabled. Go to 'File > Preferences' to change this.

NLMSX is very sensitive to background processes, make sure that there are no agressive and active background processes. For example programs like seti@home.

If you have a Soundblaster Live! card, then try reducing the hardware acceleration to Basic. Go to the 'Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia > Audio > Advanced' to change this. This problem is also indicated by a framerate that is about 10 frames/sec higher that it should be. - sitemap - ©1999-2003 NLMSX - last updated: 01 januari 1970