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Current activity (08-06-2003):
- Improving Moonsound emulation
- Much better VDP renderer
- Support for multiple disk roms
- Improving the VDP command emulation

If you are interested in testing beta versions of NLMSX then send e-mail to: Frits Hilderink.

Change log of all releases of NLMSX:
2003-06-12 NLMSX v0.48
- solved a crash when sound is disabled,
- updated the GUI, eg. inserting cartridges is much easier now,
- fixed some problems with the MoonSound, thanks to Herman Oudejans and Arjan Bakker.
2003-06-02 NLMSX v0.47
- sprite colour table fix (xmas demo 2002 works perfect now),
- removed disk logging, fixed,
- some game controls refused to work with the mouse in port 1, fixed,
- fixed a bug with ASCII MegaROM mappers, games like Animal Land, Ikari, Hole in 1 Special, Eggerland 2, and several others are working now,
- support for several unique memory types: Cross Blaim, Harry Fox Yki No Maoh, R-Type, Super Lode Runner, Holy Qu'ran, and the pirate Korean multigame ROMs (thanks to Saeba, Martos and Sean Young),
- the default configuration set was updated a little bit: removed several subslotted slots,
- from now on, NLMSX is released with a ROM database, located in the 'DB' directory. Known ROMs will be auto detected to their specific mapper type,
- Sunrise MoonSound support. As this is the first version of NLMSX with MoonSound, it is not yet as good as on a real MSX. You can get the wavetable ROM from the plugin section of the NLMSX website, put it in the 'ROMS' directory for it to work.
2003-03-12 NLMSX v0.46
- Added Jarek Burczynski's YM2413 core. You can switch to the one you prefer in the Preferences window.
- The last ROM and Disk location are now remembered. However, drivea.dsk and driveb.dsk are not loaded by default anymore, you can change this by using the commandline switches /drivea and /driveb.
- Added '64 KByte Mirrored' memory type
- Sprites can now be enabled/disabled in screen 1 and 2
- Fixed a bug with the Z80 I register, which in turn fixed the MSX Audio
- Fixed a bug when handling a 'disk not ready', cracked versions of Psycho Soldier, Zoo, and possibly others are working correctly now
- Better memory mapper port handling when reading ports FC-FF
- Fixed problem with the MSX Mania Collection disks
- Better cleanup of DirectInput and DirectSound devices
- Better VRAM initialisation
- Much better refresh register handling (Z80 register R)
2002-11-21 NLMSX v0.45
- Fixed a problem with the cursor keys if a mouse is connected on port 1
- Fixed a problem with joysticks that do not needed polling
- The pause key can now be used to pause the emulator
2002-11-13 NLMSX v0.44
- Support for the mouse
- Support to configure a mouse or joystick on a joystick port. The buttons or directions of a mouse or joystick are not yet configurable
- Added CTRL+ALT key combination to disable/enable a configured mouse. This is needed since the mouse is exclusively used by NLMSX if it is enabled
- Added a scheduler to make the emulator timing better
- Added an R800 frequency selector. During turbo-r emulation when the R800 is enabled, this frequency will be used
- Added better disk size detection
- Added cpu usage indicator. This is not always accurate
- Added better secondary slot selector handling
- Added PPI 1-bit sound
- Added support for the MB8877A disk controller

2002-07-29 NLMSX v0.43
- Support for the Turbo R (MSX-View, Illusion City etc work perfectly)
Many thanks to Jirou Kaneda and Albert Beevendorp for this.
Timing isn't good yet, the emulated R800 is too fast
The configuration in this zip file is an incomplete but working Turbo R,
if you want the full completion then download it from the Plugins on the site.
- Support for the TC8566AF disk controller (also used in the Turbo R)
- Fixed a problem with accessing drive b on the commandline
- Removed nlmsx.txt and added a user-manual, thanks to Jonemaan
2002-07-09 NLMSX v0.42
- Fixed some problems related to accessing the joystick
- Fixed a joystick performance problem (especially on higher CPU frequencies)
- Fixed a mouse cursor problem with disk selection in fullscreen
- Better disk support (also for the msx1mania disks)
- Added a Z80 frequency indicator on the statusbar
- Added a Z80 frequency selector in the configuration editor
- Added a VDP type selector (not fully used yet)
- Added 5th/9th sprite indication
- Added new default configuration set (thanks go to Jonemaan)
2002-05-17 NLMSX v0.41
- added sprite collision support for sprite mode 1 and 2
- added support for clockchip data. You can now use
set screen and set password to save the current settings.
- added numeric keyboard support
- changed some keyboard settings (see nlmsx.txt)
2002-04-20 NLMSX v0.40
- more stable sound support
- added ASCII 8/16KB SRAM support
- accurate VDP line command
2002-03-26 NLMSX v0.39
- added smooth display support
- added full fmpac support with sram.
FMPAC data is stored sram\fmpac.dat
- added better kanji support. The kanji.rom is now also
loaded/reloaded when an other configuration is started.
- added a commandline parameter to change the name of the
screenshots (see nlmsx.txt)
- fixed a bug with sprites when using the adjust register (reg#18)
2002-02-16 NLMSX v0.38
- fixed a lot of palet problems with certain games
- fixed palet problems when switching from 32 bit to fullscreen
- fixed problems with adding new slots in the configuration editor
- fixed a bug in the 256 kbyte sample support for the Y8950. Thanks go to Vincent van Dam.
- added joystick support on port 1 (not yet configurable)
- added sprite magnifying for Sprite Mode 1
2002-02-16 NLMSX v0.38.1
- fixed a bug in the joystick support. The triggers are always pressed when there is no joystick
- fixed a bug in the configuration editor when checking for overlapped memory areas
2002-02-05 NLMSX v0.37
- added support for 'Normal RAM'.
- added 256 kbyte sample support for the Y8950. Thanks go to Vincent van Dam.
- added support for two disk drives. Use F7 to select the diskimage for drive B.
- added frame skipping support to the preferences dialog
- added '-fullscreen' commandline parameter
- fixed some reset problems with the MSX2+ configuration
2002-01-11 NLMSX v0.36.2
- solved a bug in the windows API call GetPrivateProfileSection which
caused problems when loading configurations on older windows systems
- the arabic and matsushita configurations have been removed and
are available in the Plugins section on the site along with a lot
of other configurations
2002-01-10 NLMSX v0.36
- More stable VDP Command emulation
- Existing screenshots will not be overwriten anymore
- Added an extra address column in the configuration editor
- 32 bit color support
- Added more common roms to support the soon to release extra configurations
2002-01-10 NLMSX v0.36.1
- solved a color bug when switching to fullscreen with 32 bit colors
- solved a couple of ROM naming problems in the configuration files
2001-11-12 NLMSX v0.35
- Fullscreen support. Use ALT+ENTER to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode.
- Changed the configuration file (config.ini) format.
2001-09-27 NLMSX v0.35 beta 4
- roms and disk images can now be associated with NLMSX. Just doubleclick on the file to start NLMSX.
2001-09-20 NLMSX v0.35 beta 3
- better GUI
- MSX-AUDIO support, Y8950 (Tatsuyuki Satoh)
2001-02-22 NLMSX v0.34
- Added performance enhanced version of the EMU2413 made by Mitsutaka Okazaki.
- Some enhancements regarding the VDP interrupt system.
- Solved a crash that occurred when the sound had been disabled.
2001-01-26 NLMSX v0.33
- Added support for the YM2413 (FM-PAC)
Thanks go to Mitsutaka Okazaki for the excellent YM2413 emulation
- Changed MSX2 and MSX2PLUS configurations.
Both configurations now support the FM-PAC in slot 3-0.
2001-01-22 NLMSX v0.32.1
- Solved a huge bug when the window is moved
2001-01-21 NLMSX v0.32
- Some performance improvements
- Added a preferences dialog with switches to disable or enable scanlines, synchronization and sound. Changing the sound settings requires to restart NLMSX.
- Solved a crash when sound was disabled.
2001-01-04 NLMSX v0.31
- Added support for ASCII 8Kbyte and ASCII 16Kbyte MEGAROMs.
- Rewrote a lot of code regarding the configuration management.
2000-10-13 NLMSX v0.30
- Solved a few bugs in the SCC emulation.
- Solved a major bug that caused a lot of stability problems.
- Solved some major bugs regarding the online changing of cartridges.
- Solved frequency problems in the PSG emulation. (Thanks to Samor)
- Added browsing functionality for disk images and rom images.
2000-09-14 NLMSX v0.29
- Added full support for a normal SCC.
- Added full support for a SCC+ with 128kbyte ram.
- Added a SCC+ memory type.
- Multiple SCC/SCC+ cartridge combinations are possible.
- Changed the arabic configuration. Memory mapper in slot 3-2
and the disk rom in slot 3-3. Thanks to Husni Lutfi.
- Rewrote sound mixing to fully use DirectSound's own mixing algorithms.
- Scanlines are removed, but this may give performance problems.
2000-08-17 NLMSX v0.28
- Solved a bug with SCC channel 1.
- Made some enhancements to the SCC emulation.
- Reworked the sound synchronisation. Framerates should
be 50 or 60 on both windows 98/2000. Just Send me an
e-mail if that is not the case. Emulation is not as
smooth as it was before, but the sound should be fine.
I will correct this in future versions.
- Added a working arabic painter rom (thanks to Husni Lutfi).
2000-07-20 NLMSX v0.27
- Solved a bug in the horizontal scrolling.
- Reworking the switching between 192/212 lines.
- Resized the window to fit the emulation screen.
- Added some support for a normal SCC. Just select a konami
cartridge of type 5 and a SCC will be added. The sound
isn't very good, but you can hear it.
2000-06-07 NLMSX v0.26
- Revised background color handling
- Minor performance improvements
- Restored 50/60 herz display frequenties when sound is enabled
- Solved a color problem in screen 10/11 causing black dots to appear
- Solved a major problem when using multiple expanded slots
- Added support to make screenshots, using the F9 key
2000-04-26 NLMSX v0.25
- More stable window system. Still not as good as I want
it to be.
- Accurate PSG emulation. A very old game called Oh Shit!
which uses the PSG to playback recorded samples works
as it should.
- Slowed down the VDP emulation. But exact timing is still
an issue that I have to address.
2000-04-17 NLMSX v0.24
- PSG support. This time everything should be very stable, no more timing issues.
2000-04-02 NLMSX v0.23
- Added correct synchronisation for 50/60 herz display modes.
- Solved a problem with interrupt mode 2 handling, UZIX runs just fine now.
- A few minor performance improvements
2000-03-04 NLMSX v0.22
- Added support for kanji, JIS 1st and JIS 2nd standards.
- Fixed a minor problem with the commandline parameters.
2000-02-12 NLMSX v0.21
New in this version since the latest beta.

- Fixed some problems with video cards with less than 2 megabyte of memory.
- Some performance increasements in the memory mapper code.
- Resetting with the system with F12 would sometimes not work.
- Added a MSX-1 configuration.
- Added nlmsx.txt help document.
- Added some special keys, see nlmsx.txt document.
- Fixed a general protection error when a ROM file was not present.
2000-01-22 NLMSX v0.21 beta 4
- Konami MEGAROM's are supported again !
- All configurable devices can now be added and removed online.
1999-10-18 NLMSX v0.20
- Rewrote complete memory system and I/O system. Multiple memory mapper configuration with different mapper sizes are now possible.
- Added memory mapped version of the TMS279x diskcontroller, only reading and writing of sectors is currently supported. This means that a disk cannot be formatted inside the emulator until the write track command is implemented.
- Single Density and Double Density disk images.
- Read-Only disk images are now opened with write protection enabled.
- MSXDOS 2.x support added. MSXDOS2.ROM file will be loaded if it is present. Beware that it might seem that a program isn t working because of the presence of DOS2. Try disabling DOS2 support by renaming the file MSXDOS2.ROM. DOS2 is disabled by default. Configuration with or without DOS2 can be made when the GUI is ready.
- Solved a problem with sprites in MSX 1 screen modes.
1999-08-31 NLMSX v0.10
- Rewrote interrupt handling, thanks to Laurens Holst and Sean Young.
- Sunrise Magazine#8, Sunrise Special #1, #2, #3 and the game Megadoom work just fine now.
- Use F12 to reset the emulator.
-Added sprite transparency enable/disable bit support for sprite mode 2, Ikari Warrior plays like it should now.
1999-08-17 NLMSX v0.09
- Added horizontal scroll support in screen 6, 7, 10, 11, 12.
- Added screen masking support, bit 1 of register#25.
- Added sprite support for screen 8, with the correct palette
- Added sprite support for screen 1.
- Added correct behaviour of register#27, which is part of the horizontal scrolling capability, in all present screen modes.
- Fixed another bug in the interrupt handling, the demo Turnix and Sunrise Magazine #8 work fine now
1999-08-10 NLMSX v0.08
- Sprite support for screen 6 added.
- Optimized sprite magnification in Sprite Mode 2.
- Fixed a bug in screen 12 handling that occurred in Psy-O-Blade from T&E Soft.
- Added filter for diskimages *.di1 and *.di2.
- Fixed a bug in the horizontal scroll in screen 5, I rewrote the original source.
- Added horizontal scroll support in screen 8.
- Use F7 to switch from between full screen updates, every second screen, every third screen and every fourth screen. This should give a big performance increase on low-end systems.
1999-07-27 NLMSX v0.07
- Fixed a bug in the VDP command LMMC. Dynamic publisher runs just fine now.
- Adding disk change support. Use the function key F6 to select a disk image for drive A.
- Added the correct ID for a V9958 chip, solved problems with the golvellius 2 demo.
- The GRAPH key is now available under the F8 key.
1999-07-19 NLMSX v0.06
- Support for screen 10 and screen 11 added. Including sprites.
- Sprites for screen 12 added.
- Emulation now runs within a window, no menus available yet.
- Performance has been a problem lately and will be addressed within the next releases.
1999-07-08 NLMSX v0.05
- Support for screen 12 added. No sprites yet.
- Changed name from MSX2 Emulator into NLMSX
1999-06-15 MSX2 Emulator v0.04
- Major bug fixes in VDP emulation.
1999-06-14 MSX2 Emulator v0.03
- Major bug fixes in VDP emulation.
- Better Vram handling (You can play Big Strategy now)
- Better disk-change (Disk will only be offline during the changing)
- You can play F1-spirit 3D now, although the screen is completely
- Fixed a bug in interrupt handling. The EI instruction should enable interrupts after the next instruction.
1999-06-05 MSX2 Emulator v0.02
- Major bug fixes in VDP emulation.
- Fixed a bug in boot sector interpretation code when running games where boot sector information was corrupted.
1999-05-31 MSX2 Emulator v0.01
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